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magic works

...the harry potter song

Magic Works
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#01 - Read the rules carefully and keep them in mind when you're a member of this community.
#02 - Do not spread magic_works, if you do, you'll be banned. If you give my download links away and I see them in another community, you'll be banned.
#03 - Please don't ask me to upload somewhere else than MegaUpload. MegaUpload works best for me, thank you very much.
#04 - When taking anything comments would be very appreciated.
#05 - Please no requests.
#06 - The secret word is banana shake5421. Comment with it here & then join.
#07 - I'll use tags and memories, so if you look for something, use them.
#08 - Just in any case, I usually don't do affilates.

For your information: I'll approve your membership ASAP and that most of the times means within 24 hours. When I did not approve your membership you must have done something wrong. I also sometimes use this journal to try some layouts, so it could look a bit messed or different from times, but that doesn't happen often and not long, so please excuse me :)

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